Current Studies

The LASAR has a number of data collection opportunities (e.g., internet surveys, alcohol administration studies, psychophysiology, intervention studies, laboratory-based studies, and field-based alcohol studies) to gather information regarding the effects of alcohol intoxication, psychosocial factors involved in the development and maintance of substance use, and prevention of negative consequences associated with substance use.

Dr. Ham, along with colleagues Dr. Ana Bridges (Psychological Science), Dr. Kristen Jozkowski (Community Health Promotion) and Dr. Jackie Wiersma-Mosley (Human Development and Family Sciences), were awarded a 2-year NIH R21 grant. This grant funds lab-based and field-based studies that explore the effects of alcohol intoxication in young adults. Funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the ultimate goal of this work is to reduce the negative consequences associated with alcohol use. 

Currently, participation in our studies offer opportunities to students in Psychology courses at the University of Arkansas. General Psychology students (PSYC 2003) are referred to Sona Systems for a list of available studies. We also conduct studies with members of the community through our field-based research.