Thank you for your interest in participating in this study! Please submit the requested information below and a researcher will contact you to conduct a brief telephone screening to determine eligibility. This telephone screening may take up to 5-10 minutes. The study will involve a private interview with a researcher, completion of computerized questionnaires, listening to a short scenario, answering questions regarding how you might respond, and a brief one-on-one interview with the researcher.  Participation in the study is estimated to take 120 minutes.  Participants will be awarded 0.5 Sona credits per half-hour of participation. If you have additional questions about the study, or if you encounter errors submitting your information electronically, please contact Lauren Hurd by phone at 479-575-3963.

If you have any questions concerning the rights of participants in research studies, you may contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (575-2208). University of Arkansas IRB Approval # 1810152055. Principal Investigator: Lauren Hurd, M.A. (575-3963).

Emotion, Imagination, and Coping -- Contact Form

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