Thank you for your interest in helping us evaluate a new alcoholic drink! Please submit the requested information below and a researcher will contact you to conduct a brief telephone screening to determine eligibility.  This telephone screening may take up to 5-10 minutes. The study will involve a private interview with a researcher, completion of computerized questionnaires, and consuming a new alcoholic drink. Identification as proof of age is required to participate. Participation in the study is estimated to take approximately 90 minutes.  Participants will be awarded 0.5 Sona credits per half-hour of participation. If you have additional questions about the study, or if you encounter errors submitting your information electronically, please contact Kyle Jackson by phone at 479-575-3963. If you have any questions concerning the rights of participants in research studies, you may contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (575-2208). University of Arkansas IRB Approval #1708006713. Principal Investigator: Kyle Jackson, B.Sc. (575-3963).

Alcohol Intoxication in Young Adults Contact Form

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